fall inlove and fall apart (tragic___eyes) wrote in 0_hurtme,
fall inlove and fall apart

i just joined <3

i just joined this community my name is sarah i'm 14 from Nashua

bands : bright eyes.Daphne Loves Derby.a static lullaby.razorlight.brandnew.the postal service.Senses Fail.Allister.the used.the spill canvas.modest mouse.coheed and cambria.hawthorne heights.3 doors down.crossfade.matchbook romance.academy is.all my heros.over it.jades tree weeping.action toolbelt.taken away.take notice.abbington.a beautiful smile.hellogoodbye.ace troubleshooter.a change of pace.costline ending

so yah feel free to add me i love new friends <3
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