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Hey kids. Just joined last night...I'm Joanie from NC. I'll be 18 in 2 weeks.

Bands:bright eyes, cursive, desaparecidos, the faint, the good life, now it's overhead, brand new, the pixies, the smiths, sorry about dresden, the jealous sound, a perfect circle, taking back sunday, alkaline trio, hawthorne heights, etc.

Bands I've seen live:bright eyes like, 6 times, sorry about dresden 10+ times, now it's overhead twice, azure ray twice, rilo kiley once, the good life twice, cursive twice, the faint 3 times, taking back sunday once, a perfect circle twice, matchbox twenty 4 times...and those are the only ones I can remember last time.

Yeah, I know I've seen the saddle creek bands tons of times...but I was lucky enough to hear about saddle creek when they were first starting up when I was 12 so, I've had more oppurtunities. Hope you all get to see them all at least once though because they are all fucking amazing live.

Anyways, take a look at my info and stuff, if we got something in common you should add me cause i just switched from greatestjournal so, i have no friends. lol. Later. <3.

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Deleted comment

thanks again <333.
i welcome you aswell joanie:)
thanks so much <333. It was sweet of you to comment even though I know you hate probably every band that I listed. lol.
where in NC? (if you dont mind me asking)
I live in beautiful Durham, NC *note sarcasm*. but it's cool because I live like, 20 minutes from chapel hill which is where all the cool bands come to play.
my dad lives in wilmington.
i was dragged to a basketball game in chapel hill once.

add me?
ah. i am obsessed with wilmington, dude. my boyfriend went to uncw and i came to visit him there all the time when he lived there. and i love it sooo much. he moved back here now but we still go back every spring and summer because we both love it so much. you are so lucky if you get to visit your dad in wilmington. that's awesome. lol.

yeah. this is pathetic. wilmington is like, exciting and shit to me. that's how pathetic north carolina is...because wilmington is to me what most people think of cali or something as. *le sigh*

but of course i'll add you. i just made this journal so, i was looking for some cool, new friends.
i love wilmington.
especially downtown.
you've been downtown right? like by the river and stuff?
I love your layout, by the way. I am an O.C. addict. I just got season 1 on dvd and even though it takes like, 27 hours to get through the entire season, I'm almost done and I've only had it a week :x Shit, that's over an entire day of my life dedicated to the o.c. hmm. lol.
i watched the entire season one in a week and a half.
i dont like any emo what so ever, but hey, yall are cool in my book.